VW Will Build 250 XL1’s!!


Volkswagen has officially announced that they WILL produce 250 units of the long awaited Ultra-Efficient XL1!!! VW introduced the XL1 back in 2002 with the idea of going 100 kilometers on 1 liter of fuel. After over 10 years or perfecting/testing, they are finally ready to introduce it to the public. The XL1 is a 1750LBS full carbon fiber bodied car  that will get 260 MPG and will be the Worlds most fuel efficient production car. Powering the XL1 will be a 47HP 2-cylinder TDI engine, and a 27HP electric motor. This will push this two-seater from 0-60 in 12.7 seconds and all the way up to a top speed of 99MPH. The XL1 will go a total of 31 miles when solely using the electric motor, and even when using the 2 cylinder TDI it is said to still reach 140MPG. We have been wating for over 10 years for this car and cannot wait to finally see it come to life!

 Image Credit: Live images copyright 2013 Steven J. Ewing / AOL


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