1980’s Lamborghini is back!

Everything from the crazy wing to the absurd vents to the hard lines of the Lamborghini Veneno scream  1980’s! Finally something reminiscent of the iconic Countach.  Since the late 90’s lambo has gotten too smooth, too…aerodynamic – if you will. All of this is related to the change of ownership when Audi took over the reigns in the late 90’s. But lambo is finally getting back to their old ways….it’s about time! Lambo started teasing us with the crazy designs they had up their sleeves when they released the limited edition, 2 million dollar,  Reventon in 2008. Then after the amount of success and interest in the Reventon, Lambo went even  crazier when they introduced the Aventador in 2011. Now with the Veneno they’ve gone insane. Lambo will only produce 3 cars total at a cost of $4.6 million each. It will be powered by a 750hp, 6.5 liter, V-12, that will propel the car to 60 in under 3 seconds. Finally we have a car that is poster worthy again!


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