Petition: Bring VW Microbus to the US


So Volkswagen has announced plans to design an all new Microbus in the coming years. VW also has disclosed that it to be a Euro only model. Sale of vans have had a large decline in America since the 90’s, but the VW Bus and Eurovans still have a large following here in the states. To show the demand for the car you can shoot me an email at [email protected] or just leave a comment with your opinion on the subject. I will forward the feedback to our contact at VW US.

2 thoughts on “Petition: Bring VW Microbus to the US

  1. OK, this post is 7 years old, but the Microbus is not a dead horse; it’s dormant seed that VW only needs sprinkle water on to reap sales gold. To wit:

    – We’re reached Peak SUV. It seems compelling, but since everyone is driving them they lost their whole purpose – an SUV can’t look down over another SUV. And you can’t build higher because the social media on garage clearance accidents would be hilarious. SUV’s are where housing was in 2006.

    – VW needs something to transform their post-dieselgate image. You can’t do that by building models like everyone else.

    – VW should consider the success of the New Beetle and the fact that so few other manufacturers (if any) have a genuinely cool people-mover in their historical DNA.

    – Everyone loved the 2001 Microbus concept. Looking at it now, 16 years later, it stands the test of time. Add Bluetooth and GPS; leave the rest alone.

    – In 3 years to develop and bring this to market, SUV market penetration will be even deeper – but people will be ready for the New Microbus. The timing is good.

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