Car Maniacs : Life With Le Mans



In this short film below we find several vehicle owners which can be classified as “Car Maniacs.” These heroes earn that badge by piloting race cars valued more than the GDP in some countries through the streets of Hiroshima instead of hiding them away in a museum. To quote one of the owners, Mr. A, “We own racing cars. So we may as well use them in our daily lives. It’s only natural.” Mr. A is featured driving a stunning Jaguar XJ220C ┬áthat raced in the 1993 and 1995 Le Mans. The Jaguar is pegged at full-throttle through a tunnel and all 500 horsepower are left out on the way to around 170 mph.


The Jaguar is met by another Le Mans favorite, the Porsche 962C from 1991, and is piloted through town by Mr. Moroi who explains “Circuit or street, I just enjoy driving” when discussing his relationship with his car. The Porsche is now street legal in Japan and features a top speed of 216 mph and a driver point of view that is like looking out of a lunar module. The last featured LM car is a stunning four rotor powered 1989 Mazda 767B which finished 9th in Le Mans as part of Mazda’s four car racing team. The unique engine noise and absurd speed of the Mazda shows how brutal a racing car can be – even from the 1980’s. Anyone who is crazy enough to purchase and maintain a full-fledged racing car gets a gold star in our books and anyone bold enough to drive them on the streets regularly has a special place reserved in the “Car Maniac” Hall of Fame.


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