4 thoughts on “First Look : 2011 Dodge Durango

  1. Boy they missed the mark on this one. Just an awful design(looks like a hearse)from the side,seven seater’s very dangerous in rear collisions,only a 5 speed,has horrendous gas mileage, but the worst of all is the Durango is not a “Top Safety Pick” for 2011.

  2. Did you do the crash test yourself? because no data from the IIHS or the NHTSA has been released yet for the Durango? 23 highway MPG from the 3.6l V6 seems economical enough for me.

  3. Like most movies and most TV shows – ccmieromals are revealing one sad little fact. WRITING is a lost art. That Dodge ad was GREAT – visually – but the WORDS chosen to back up the images were awful. ‘End of the world’? That might make a 12 year old boy laugh. But it conjures up – and triggers – all sorts of negative thoughts and feelings for a lot of people. IF you think not – then you must BE 12.

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