Buick Discovery Tour Event: Giving A Taste of Something Different

On Saturday, Buick hosted a spectacular event teamed up with Food & Wine at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. If you are hosting an event that is geared toward showing people something they have never seen, it can be a tall order in SoCal. With countless historical & renowned restaurants, clubs, bands, celebrities, and beaches, it can be difficult to plan an event most people have never experienced; Buick accomplished just that. From the very beginning, the event started with a reception loaded with great decor and great appetizers. From there the guests were split into groups to take part in each of the three experiences they had planned. First, was a cooking demonstration by Santa Monica’s Josiah Citrin, Executive Chef of Mélisse . A once in a life time experience to watch an amazing chef teach a lesson in cooking and taste a sample of his creation. Next was the chance to learn about and test out some of the new creations by Buick, which included the Verano, Regal, Enclave & Lacrosse. Each filled with new style & luxury, the new Buick line is smartly engineered for power and economy while still maintaining comfort as well as a modest price point. For the money, a very good mixture of technology and luxury that is difficult to match. Last was the opportunity to experience a spectacular dessert demonstration by the young and talented Ben Roche Chef at Moto in Chicago. Once again getting to share in the groundbreaking techniques and inspiration that has changed how people think about desserts.

After the excursions there was a final experience, a very special wine tasting hosted by the famous Michael Green and a special cooking demonstration by renowned chef, Michael Psilakis. In this very special demonstration Michael shared a special recipe as well as some great stories about his past and his various inspirations. It was truly a unique experience to be in the presence of such great creativity and talent. Buick and Michael even went so far as to give everyone a signed copy of Micheal’s new book, “How to Roast a Lamb”. Overall I think Buick accomplished what they set out to prove… If we open our minds and try to break the preconceived ideas of what we think we know,You can be pleasantly surprised.

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