A Car Icon is Born : Jaguar F-Type Project 7 Debut

Jaguar Project 7 reveal


Car collectors and general aficionados like to debate which cars will be future classics and which will be great long term investments. The Jaguar Project 7 that has just debuted at the Goodwood festival this past week is what they call a “safe bet.” It is rare when a car comes out and is so utterly beautiful and has a racing pedigree to back up all the theatrics of the design with cues back to cars like the D-Type. The name “Project 7” is in honor of the Jaguar brand’s 7 outright wins at Le Mans.

The Project 7 is the most powerful version of a Jaguar ever built with 575hp and elevates the F-type model range into the “modern icon” level for motorcars. This is the first vehicle to come out of Jaguar’s new special vehicle operations technical center and I am utterly blown away by what they have accomplished just out the gate. In musical terms this is akin to Beethoven writing his Symphony No. 5 as the first thing he ever sketched up on parchment. This car will forever be in my dream stable and we are excited to see what else comes out of the brand in the coming years.

Watch the video below of the debut and check out the images (content provided by TVCGroup):


Jaguar Project 7

Jaguar Project 7

Jaguar Project 7

Bruno Senna driving at 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed

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