Word On The Tweets: 2011 Ford Explorer

So for months now Ford has been trying to hype up its new Explorer through teaser images on a Facebook page. Though the vehicle looks fairly decent and capable… I was nearly over the hype the moment it started and feel the Explorer hasn’t been relevant since the 90’s… but I decided to hit up Twitter and see what the general public thought of the new SUV coming out of Dearborn

2011 Ford Explorer

@KathleenKinser writes “The new @ford explorer unibody looks weird….I’ve gotta see it in person to make the final call though, but I’m not optimistic.”

Bad news for Ford on this comment.. this person doesn’t even like the “glammed up” press photos of the new car. She is like most of us however; waiting to get an opinion by seeing it in person.

@LupeBarba writes “I’m digging the new 2011 @Ford Explorer. Looks like an Edge with a more aggressive stance… “

This person likes the look of the new vehicle and thinks it looks a bit better than the Edge. I was worried when I saw this car that it looked too much like the Edge myself and didn’t have enough differences in order to make it truly different than the crossover.

@nathanyates writes “Not too keen on the newly redesigned 2011 Ford Explorer. That front end just isn’t appealing.”

I agree with him a lot on this one. The back end I am actally quite impressed with and think it still has a truck-like look to it.. but in the front it is just an Edge styled to fit on the Explorer face… not good enough

@Beregond writes “I was going to trade my old Expedition for an Explorer but the new 2011 has been changed from a SUV to a CUV.”

This is what Ford should be mainly worried about… they have turned their bread and butter SUV into a CUV… meaning it essentially has a car platform underneath. Many buyers who want a rough, rugged, SUV they have always expected may run away from this Ford Taurus in drag

@PDmarks writes “The new ford #explorer is pretty sweet. Ford did a great job!”

A short and sweet message of approval… a lot of these messages on Twitter while I was searching. Shows that people are talking about the car… which means that Ford’s huge unveiling, across many states and even continents, was not in vain. I will wait to get my hands on the car before I pass any further judgments.

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