First Look : 2014 Fiat 500e Includes Rental Car?

So the biggest hurdle currently facing electric vehicles with a limited range like the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Spark EV is that the owners will occasionally want to have a vehicle that can go on those out of town trips to Vegas or take a holiday visit to the in-laws without waiting 8 hours to charge the car after 80 or so miles. Cars like the Chevrolet Volt get around this dilemma by offering an alternative gas engine to extend the range.

But Fiat has a new unique solution to this common EV problem by offering a special rental program courtesy of Enerprise for purchasers of the new 2014 Fiat 500e, with an estimated 86 mile eletric range, that will be released in limited markets around California this summer. According to AutoNews:

Each 500e purchase will include a business account with Enterprise Holdings and enough points to rent a gasoline-powered standard car for up to 12 days a year. Fiat will deposit additional points on the first two anniversaries of the vehicle’s purchase to extend the program through the first three years of ownership.

By using Enterprise Holdings’ customer reward program, customers will have the option to use their points from Fiat to rent various vehicles, such as minivans or pickups. They also will have access to the company’s 6,000 locations.


The pricing information for the Fiat 500e will be released on April 13th, 2013 but we expect the price to be in the $34k range before tax rebates. We will update the pot when more information is released.


Source: AutoNews

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